Database Administrator

All the benefits of having a full-time DBA, without the disadvantages. Your SQL Server fake jerseys can fake jerseys be fully fake jerseys managed by a Database Administrator Consultant, who fake jerseys is hired to work only fake jerseys part-time, but is available full-time as needed. SQL Server fake jerseys comes fake jerseys with many tools to easily manage your server, but most sites want and actually need more fake jerseys than those basics.

Database Administrator Consultant’s have fake jerseys developed, through best practices, a set of master databases that can be used to fully fake jerseys manage your data needs. They are easily installed, are server specific, use generic table driven routines, using a few simple parameters. They are fully customizable to meet your needs. These are add-on functionality procedures, and do not effect any existing procedures or fake jerseys routines already in place. Each database may be set up fake jerseys individually.

Using the Database Administrator Consultant database toolset, backups, maintenance routines, DBA Reports, logshipping, login/user maintenance, fake jerseys can all be easily set up to fully manage your SQL Server. Most sites’ SQL Servers are fully setup and implemented in less than a day.

Database Administrator Consultant’s are always on-call, fake jerseys available for emergencies, and have the experience to handle fake jerseys them.

Database fake jerseys Administrator Consultant’s have fake jerseys world experience with, and understand, best practices.

Using the Database Administrator Consultant’s DBA Reports, which shows at a glance, in HTML format, emailed, or available on the server, everything required to understand the current status of the server.

Using this tool, the Database Administrator Consultant can manage competently and fully, cutting outstanding server issues down to none, fake jerseys in a systematic and logical way.

Database Administrator Consultant’s also use a fake jerseys set of Query Analyzer templates that fake jerseys use the common settings for key procedures, like Server Activity, which helps determine server slowness, blocking processes, CPU usage and more. Besides Server Activity, additional templates report on Unsuccessful jobs, SQL Errorlog errors, SQL job history fake jerseys and errors, DTS logfiles history and errors, SQL job step durations and more. Site specific templates may also be created to run procedures, fake jerseys standard or individually developed for fake jerseys your specificneeds, providing Database Administrator Consultant’s a quick and simple way fake jerseys to provide fake jerseys you answers to your company’s needs.

Database Administrator Consultant’s can set up your server to use SQL Mail or CDOSYS routines, using your SMTP server for alerts or reports, emailed from the server.